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English messages

Celestial Messages and Guidance - 16.01.2021

Message from the Father Waves of Light, Love and Compassion have today become oceans covering arid deserts and disaster areas. This omnipresent energy connects the celestial worlds to the Earth. The new paradigms are emerging and becoming permanently established on Earth. The collapse of old values ​​that numb your hearts is at its peak. Today, I tell you: Even if you doubt Even if you are in pain Even if you are tossed around by your emotions Even if you are unsettled by the immense inconsistency due to ignorance of the concept of transformation, You are constantly nourished by the elements aligned with the energy of the oceans of Light. You are focusing on viral issues and forget that the truth lies beneath those narratives. Wherever there is life, there is a breath of life. From matter emanates ether, the Element encompassing and connecting everything. You evolve together towards ascension, and on each level you may feel you are stagnating or even regressing. But that is not happening. The vibratory adjustment can last several years, depending on the importance of the level you have reached and the transformation it requires. This adjustment began on December 21, 2012 and will be concluded by the end of the current year, according to the cycle of evolution of the Earth and of humanity, in relation to the universe. Some of you have already moved on and are starting to climb new steps, contemplating the new world, beyond the fear and confinement created by the lower dimensions. Today, anyone can access it. The filters between the worlds are dwindling and for some they are already dissolved. In union with your soul and the celestial world, nothing can affect you. The energy of the oceans of Love and Light is within you. Connect with each other, unite in prayer and meditation. I am in each one of you. Yahweh Message from the Celestial Council For this first TDA (Travailleurs de l’Amour) meeting of the year, many of you are joining us to listen, understand and strengthen yourselves, expanding together the oceans of Love and Light, as mentioned by Our Father. As you may have noticed in the past few months, everything is speeding up and out of control, and the course of time will not be slowed down by any restrictions or vaccinations. The next few months will be the last of the preparation for the birth of the New Earth. We express it to you regularly: impregnate yourselves with the vision of the New World. Identify with it. After this meeting or in the days to come, we will ask you to enter into a process of co-creation. We are going to infuse you with the energy of the New Earth. This already exists and you will see it soon. But in the meantime, take care of yourselves, as you have so often been saying to each other for several months. Take care of yourselves by keeping as much emotional balance as possible. When you feel that you are falling, do a meditation to connect or unite with your soul and the celestial planes. It doesn't take much to sink, but it's also quick and easy to get back on track, if you want to. Before co-creating together by visualizing and feeling the New Earth, we will share with you some information about vaccines. Currently approved or in the process of being approved by your health agencies, these vaccines are not life-friendly. It is up to each one of you to feel in your heart what is right. We will never interfere with your free will or judge your decisions. If you want to be vaccinated or are obliged to do so, prepare your body as best you can. We recommend that you do a liquid fast 3 days before each dose and resume eating very gradually over the following 3 days. Ask the Guides and Celestial Healers to prepare the different parts of your being, for you and your loved ones, so that namely the birth codes inscribed in the central nervous system are not affected. Anchor yourself to the earth and drink energized water with the following code: "iv36969" to quickly restore balance. Drink 3 glasses per day of this energized water 3 days before and 3 days after. The code will instill an uplifting and protective frequency for your DNA. Call the Beings of Light and hold the glass or bottle in your hands for 2-3 minutes. The energies will flow into the water through you. New World Meditation – Visualization We are going to infuse you with the energy of the New Earth. This 5th dimensional energy, and higher, will be magnified within you, so that you can visualize and feel what will soon be present on your Earth. We say it again: you will see the New Earth. Take a few deep breaths. We are with each one of you. In order to feel this energy, you must first unite with Mother Earth. Now express mentally or aloud: "Thank you, Mother Earth, for carrying me in your energy, for welcoming me, for nourishing me, for transmitting the energy of incarnation to me. I unite in conscience with your soul. " Feel the love the Earth gives you. Express your love to her. Imagine an energetic circuit that starts at the center of the Earth, penetrates your earthly being, your heart, rises to the celestial world, the Source, and returns to the center of the Earth. Feel the union, feel the fusion, feel the love. You are children of the Earth and children of the Source, and your energy enables the union of the worlds. This energy is part of the New Earth – where there is no more struggle, no suffering, where understanding replaces desolation, where joy replaces sadness, where love replaces hatred, self-interest and the inflated ego that does so much damage. Keep imagining this circuit and now we connect you to other embodied beings with the same values, the same hope, the same need to believe in what will soon be a reality: the New Earth. Imagine all those circuits around the Earth coming together, circuits to which you fully belong with all your brothers and sisters on the same path. Mother Earth, the Source, or God the Father, are within you. This energy is now active in your heart. From there you can visualize the transformed Earth, the Earth that is reborn thanks to all of you. Imagine, visualize. Let the sensations and images come to you and enjoy. We co-create together. The end of this crossing to the shore of the New World will still be very unsettling. But you can come back at any time and feel this energy which will give you courage, which will give you answers. By co-creating in this way, you allow us to activate the deconstruction of what can no longer prevail on this Earth. You allow us to access certain heavy memories of the past, in order to neutralize them at the time of rebirth, a time that is near. You are carriers of Life, you are messengers. Set an example with your attitude, set an example with your faith and the love that vibrates within you. We encourage you to put together your creation plans so that you encourage one another. The way you see, the way you imagine this new life on Earth. Express it through drawings or texts. Co-creation has begun and we are happy to accompany you towards this miracle of Life. You are blessed. The Celestial Council Association Centre Ciel www.centreciel.com Let us bring our creation plans together, as suggested by the Beings of Light. In this context of co-creation, please feel free to email me your feelings, visions, texts or drawings of the New Earth and I will share them on my blog. Bearing in mind the law of attraction, imagine that the New Earth already exists. And let us move forward together trustingly and in connection to the higher planes. United with the Whole! Cathy Messages channeled by Cathy / Hinri www.ecoledelumiere.ch January 16, 2021 To share, mentioning the source Replay link TDA Meeting 16.01.2021 (in French)

Heavenly Message - 12.12.2020

We evolve together, we walk this path together. Everything is being transformed, not only at the Earth plane but also at the universal and galactic levels.

Many of you connect with each other to allow awakening and vibratory elevation, to allow rebirth; that makes us happy and encouraged.

This year has been particularly difficult, destabilizing, driving you out of your habits, your cocoon, your lifestyle, your convictions.

For many, this has allowed a total connection to the soul, to the divine within you, to the light that is in you; and despite the fact that the storm is still raging today, not yet finished, you remain standing, you contemplate the horizon in joy and confidence. Display everything in .PDF

The beginning of the end - 19.12.2020

In the universe, the harmonic union of hearts crosses the different vibratory layers of the morphic field, reaching the density of matter, where is the point of rupture caused by the shadow on Earth and other planets unknown to earthlings.

The same occurs in universes parallel to yours.

The entire creation is exposed to negative radiations from the lower planes in a context where renewal is imminent. Display everything in .PDF

Message from the Celestial Council - 12.02.2021

The different stages of a profound transformation

You may all find yourselves in one or more of these phases.

When you understand the mechanism of ascent, it is much easier for you to activate your own transformation...

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Message from the Celestial Council - 20.03.2021

With faith anything is possible.

Once again, you may become aware of this thanks to the work which has been in progress for several years, but also thanks to the earthly materialization of the Centre Ciel (Sky Center) in matter, in stone. We chose this name because it seemed logical to us that the reunion of human beings – who are on the path or are seeking – with the celestial and universal worlds could happen in a physical place (Domaine du Peu Péquignot). Everything has been in preparation for several years. display everything in .pdf

Collective Healing with the Celestial Healers - 18.03.2021

I share with you these messages from Yahweh and the Celestial Healers, in connection with our next TDA meeting where the Celestial Council will offer us a collective healing with the Celestial Healers: protection and regeneration.

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You are the actors of change - 17.04.2021

We are here with you. Today, you are in a special energy, a transitional energy, as if you were on a launching pad to enlightenment, to comprehension, a launching pad to ascension.

We would tell you that you have now done...

Celestial Message and Healing - 15.05.2021

You have come together with your earthly beings and your souls and the latter are very actively working with us on all that has to be created, organized, materialized and given birth to on Earth.

Many questions have been asked, but before answering them we want to tell you this: you are not alone, we are moving ...

Advice and Healing by the Celestial Healers - 06.08.2021

You are all engaged in deep questioning and most of you feel discouraged. "When is all this going to end and how?"

We fully understand your confusion and doubts. We are here today to give you some information, but above all to give you back the courage and confidence you need to get through the next few weeks. As you know, and we will not hide it from you, these will be disturbing, unsettling.

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Peace, Love, Co-creation – Celestial Message - 28.08.2021

We accompany you in this personal and collective process of transformation, reset and rebirth in Universal Love.

We have always been with you and you are increasingly aware of our benevolent presence by your side.

A great number of Beings of Light and highly evolved Beings are gathered to show ... Display everything in .PDF

TDA meeting – Celestial Message - Heaven-Earth 02.10.2021

Your meetings are our meetings.

This place will allow us to be together. The sacred site is an anchor point for various highly evolved peoples of the Intra-Earth, of the Universe. It’s a meeting place. Energy from the Source flows there permanently establishing the link between all hearts, between all the wills to bring about balance, healing and the process of the new peace on Earth.

This place is open ... Display everything in .PDF

TDA Meeting - Celestial Message: The New Era - 06.11.2021

From this place, proof that with faith and perseverance anything is possible, we express ourselves today with joy and gratitude.

Whether you are here in this room or elsewhere does not change our union – the union of a great family of souls working to let the Light permeate all the flaws of the shadow. Before your incarnation, you chose to represent Universal Love on Earth. It was a very difficult choice ... Display everything in .PDF